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About us

About Acube Foundation

ACUBE FOUNDATION is a NGO based out of Chennai. We care for poor people who need home, food and love ,education.. irrespective of caste, religion and denominations, started by P.Choladevan. This organization at present has 10 old age women from the ages above 50 years.

We provide:

  • A home for the homeless
  • Food for the hungry
  • Clothes for the needy
  • Love for the abandoned
  • And education for the under-privileged

Our Mission

Mother is an angel sent by God to take care of us and it's our responsibility to take special care of our angel with utmost love, respect and care. Our objective is to take care of our homeless mothers who have no one to take care

Founder & Managing Trustee

P Choladevan

Our founder, Shri. P. Choladevan, started Acube Foundaation with a motive to take care of elderly women who are in dire need of care, food and shelter. His parents are his inspiration and it's his childhood dream to take care of old people and working with compassion for the Cause of the Elderly while relentlessly pursuing a focused agenda.

Committee Members & Staff





P Sharmila

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